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I have been in Lending, Real Estate and Financial Services for over 20 years. I have taken the lessons learned from other companies and dedicated myself to ensuring the mortgage loan process is done correctly, efficiently and timely. I have worked in all aspects of the mortgage industry and have developed a system to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction.

A few things that separate me from the rest.

  1. The technology and availability to pre-qualify and issue pre-qualification letters sooner and faster, working 7 days a week 24 hours a day; I am always on call.

  2. Knowledge of all underwriting guidelines & programs to assist with scores from 550 and up.

  3. Communication with all parties involved. Acting efficiently and timely to secure the loan commitment asap. Emailing updates and progress reports daily.

  4. Broker vs. Banker - As a Broker I have countless investors offering multiples of products and programs. For instance, some investors will add extra guidelines to lessen the risk of a loan, while other investors will not.

  5. Bankers have only limited product & program matrices, typically just one of each program. When others say NO, call me to find a program for your buyer.

  6. I am always signing up new investors to assure that when a scenario is presented to me, I will find a loan program that suits the needs of the borrower.

  7. I am a specialist in less than perfect credit loans, VA loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, and any complex scenario you can throw at me. If everyone involved in the transaction is cooperative no matter how hard the loan is, closing will take no longer than 30 days. Some circumstances create delays, but I am in it until the end.

  8. I have a reputation in the industry for finding ways to satisfy underwriters and convince them to close tougher loans.

  9. My rates are equal to or better than the competition.


Getting started is easy. We offer very competitive rates, have great service, and always close on time.


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